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Vodafone UK iPhone Samsung s9 , unlocked at 07:18:43

To unlock your handset for any network, select the network the handset is locked to:

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Cellcom USA
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Cricket USA
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Ntelos USA
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SimpleMobile USA
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Tracfone USA
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Verizon USA
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Xfinity USA
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Worldwide Unlocks
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Google FRP &
Samsung Reactivation Lock Removal

Asda UK
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giffgaff UK
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Orange UK
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Sky UK
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T-Mobile UK
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TalkMobile UK
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Tesco Mobile
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Three UK
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Virgin UK
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Vodafone UK
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Bell Canada
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Fido Canada
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Koodo Canada
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MTS Allstream Canada
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Rogers Canada
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Sasktel Canada
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Telus Canada
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Bouygues France
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Orange France
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SFR France
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Virgin France
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Meteor Ireland
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O2 Ireland
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Three Ireland
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Vodafone Ireland
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Movistar Spain
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Orange Spain
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Vodafone Spain
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Yoigo Spain
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Tele2 Sweden
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Telenor Sweden
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Telia Sweden
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Three Sweden
From $19.99

All unlocks are submitted to the carrier in accordance with their unlocking policies and are fully legal. We simply make use of our status as a technology recycler to get them done on a priority basis.

We cannot unlock devices which are blocked - i.e. reported as lost or stolen, or which have outstanding bills, for obvious reasons.

Please ensure your handset is not lost or stolen using a service such as checkmend before submitting with us as no refunds will be given in such instances.

How to Permanently Unlock iPhone the Legal Way

If you want to unlock your iPhone from its carrier in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia or just about anywhere else, there’s only one quick yet legitimate way to do it. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at some of the different aspects of doing an iPhone unlock.

Unlock iPhone or Not: Is it Ethical and Legal?

The answer to that is not a simple yes or no, unfortunately. Over the years, there have been several iPhone unlock solutions cropping up that claim to be legit, but will leave you with nothing more than a lighter wallet and a still-locked iPhone. There are essentially two categories of this type of iPhone unlock that you should be aware and steer clear of: software and hardware unlocking.

iPhone Unlock with Software

One of the early trends that iPhone users jumped on was jailbreaking. Gaining kernel access to an iPhone has been one of the most sought after skills…so much so that even Apple started a bounty program for root-level vulnerabilities, paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to anyone who could demonstrate a working jailbreak so they could subsequently plug it in the next iteration of iOS. Despite their efforts, a massive jailbreak movement grew around iPhone.

Today, however, jailbreaks are few and far between, and even the working ones aren’t stable enough for an inexperienced user to risk trying. There are, of course, jailbreaks for nearly every version of iOS ever released to the public, but you won’t find any that allow you to remove the SIM lock or activation lock on your iPhone.

What this means is that if you try to jailbreak your phone and risk voiding the warranty, you’re not likely to see much success. As such, this is one of the iPhone unlock methods that has fallen by the wayside.

iPhone Unlock with Hardware Modifications

Another trend unique to iPhone was the modification of its internal components to bypass the SIM lock. This might still be possible on much older iPhone models like the iPhone 5 series, but it no longer works for new iPhones. The sad part is the people still lose money everyday buying hardware kits online that promise to unlock an iPhone in minutes.

Often, you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars, not only to get the hardware but also to restore your device once it’s been messed up. Any warranty will immediately be voided, so Apple won’t cover the costs in any way. The risk is 100% yours to bear.

To be clear, opening up your iPhone for any reason can void the warranty unless it’s done by a certified Apple technician or engineer. Even if you have the tools for it, we urge you not to do it. If you have a new iPhone, it’s definitely not worth the trouble just to get a SIM unlock. There are far better ways to make a paperweight - and to unlock an iPhone!

Approaching the Carrier Directly for an iPhone Unlock

The right way to unlock an iPhone has always been to get in touch with your carrier and ask them to do it. It could take several weeks, but at least you know you’re not going to be bamboozled into doing something unethical or even illegal. The only problem is that people want instant gratification. They want things done yesterday. Carriers don’t work that way. There’s an elaborate verification process to check if your iPhone is eligible for an unlock, and that might include financial and credit aspects.

First of all, your device and its unique identifier, the IMEI, must be clear. That means the phone must not have been reported as stolen or lost, and it must not be blocked by the network for whatever reason.

Second, your account with the carrier for that particular line must be in good standing. That means no payments outstanding and no issues that would block your eligibility for an iPhone unlock.

Third, many carriers will stipulate a minimum time after activation during which unlocks will not be approved. This is to prevent new subscribers from unlocking their iPhones and thereby indirectly impacting the carrier’s potential revenue for that line.

Fourth - custom hoops. Your carrier may have additional requirements for you to fulfill before they approve your unlock. This can often take weeks or even months depending on their terms and conditions.

So, although this is the most legitimate way to unlock any iPhone so you can start using a SIM from a different carrier, it’s not the recommended one. Fortunately, there’s another carrier-and-Apple-approved method that utilizes third-party vendors such as It’s much faster, and often cheaper than satisfying all of your carrier’s terms to become eligible for an iPhone unlock.

IMEI Whitelisting via

There’s a reason we call ourselves DirectUnlocks: it’s because we have the necessary privileges to allow us to facilitate changing the status of your carrier SIM lock from ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked.’ You won’t need to run from pillar to post trying to meet dozens of criteria. Just order an iPhone unlock on our site by submitting your IMEI number and providing payment details. Once your order is logged, you’ll receive a tracking link that tracks the progress of the unlock.

Are we fast? Heck, yes! Most of the 1.2 million iPhone unlocks we’ve done in the past have been executed in 24 to 48 hours. You only need to compare this with the weeks and weeks taken by most carriers to see the value of such a speedy service. However, it’s the process itself that makes this the best and quickest possible way to get a legitimate and permanent iPhone unlock.

IMEI whitelisting means changing the status of your device as recorded on the carrier’s and Apple’s respective databases. That can’t be done by just anyone, but our access privileges allow us to facilitate exactly this. That’s why if you unlock iPhone with our service, it will remain unlocked regardless of whether you subsequently update the firmware or factory-reset the iDevice.

There are tons of services out there that promise permanent unlocks, but the moment you move to a higher iOS version, your phone gets relocked and your money has pretty much gone doan the tubes.

Don’t make the mistake of going to vendors that don’t have a proven track record of successful unlocks. There’s a reason we’ve reached the enviable milestone of having unlocked more than a million iPhones from various carriers around the world.

How to Unlock iPhone on

We offer a no-nonsense way to unlock iPhone no matter what model it is or what network it is currently locked to. However, you need to know which network it is locked to because your IMEI will be submitted to the carrier. If you enter the wrong carrier, you’ll still be charged because the unlock attempt was made with your approval. The only problem is, you’ll get a response saying your iPhone cannot be unlocked - because they don’t have your IMEI in their database to begin with. To prevent this from happening to you, use our Network Check service on this page.

If you don’t know your IMEI number, there are a couple of ways to find it. The first is to dial *#06# on your iPhone. The number will be displayed on your screen. It can sometimes be found in the SIM tray of your iPhone. The third way is to go to iPhone Settings > General > About > Scroll down and look for IMEI number.

Once you have the IMEI number to hand, go to the top of the home page and start scrolling down until you see your carrier icon. Click on the icon that corresponds to the carrier your handset is locked to, which will take you to a new page. Here, enter your iPhone model and IMEI number, and click on Unlock Now. On the next page, enter your payment details and confirm the order.

After order confirmation, you will receive a tracking link to check the progress of your order. At our end, we submit your IMEI number to the carrier and to Apple to approve the unlock. This is done by an authorized representative, and we’ve spent more than a decade nurturing these relationships with all the world’s top mobile carriers.

Once your device has been approved for an unlock, you will receive a notification with an unlock code. Using iTunes, you can use this code to restore your iPhone to a SIM-unlocked status.

If you unlock iPhone this way, the unlock is permanent and completely legal, ethical, moral and all that good stuff. Your warranty will be intact, and you are now free to upgrade your iOS version, put a new SIM locally or from a different country, and so on. Essentially, it is now a factory-unlocked device that is not exclusively tied to one carrier.

On that note, we are obliged to recommend that you keep your contract and account with your carrier in good standing at all times. Approval for your future iPhone unlock requests depends on this, but there’s a lot more at stake.

For example, iPhone owners with a squeaky-clean payment and engagement record (complaints, disputes, etc.) are far more likely to be eligible for the fantastic deals that carriers keep putting out in order to stay competitive.

Only the cream of the crop, so to speak, can usually get free iPhones (Buy One Get One Free), deep discounts, bonus offers and much more. The one thing they always ask for is “well-qualified credit and service.” Keep that in mind when you unlock an iPhone. That way, you’ll avoid the pitfalls of software hacks, hardware knocks, carrieritis and other unpleasantness.

When you unlock an iPhone with DirectUnlocks, you’re working with a partner. If you bring an eligible iPhone, we’ll unlock it for you. Direct. No making you wait for weeks, no asking you to jump through 32 hoops and no wasting your money. If the iPhone can be unlocked in terms of your device meeting all the necessary criteria - bills paid, not reported as stolen/lost, etc. - then we can unlock it in as little as 24 hours.

Why Unlock your iPhone on Contract?

You may be wondering why anyone would want to unlock their phone and possibly violate their contract terms with the carrier. First of all, we have to understand that these are two different things. When you enter a contract with a carrier, you’re committing to the terms of that contract. The SIM lock is a standard practice followed by carriers worldwide as an attempt to keep the customer locked into their ecosystem. Therefore, even if you legally and ethically unlock your iPhone with an authentic service provider like, your contract with your carrier is not affected in any way. So why unlock it?

An iPhone unlock is NOT meant to be used as a way to avoid fulfilling your contractual obligations. It is only meant to give you the freedom of using a different carrier’s SIM for whatever reason.

Overseas travel is a good reason to unlock your iPhone. Although many carriers have started offering some great international roaming deals, you might not like those deals or they might not cover the country or countries you’ll be visiting. You might want to purchase a local SIM in that country so you get better network coverage or whatever. In any case, you’ll need to first unlock your iPhone before you can use another SIM. If not, you’ll get an activation failure notification when you try putting in a different SIM card.

Another reason is network coverage. Say you moved to a new city after taking a contract with a major carrier. What if that carrier’s 4G LTE speed is much slower than a rival’s network in that location? In such a situation, you might not want to continue using their service even though you’re willing to honor the contract. Again, you will first need to do an iPhone unlock before you can start using a SIM from a rival carrier.

Whatever your reason for wanting your iPhone unlocked, DirectUnlocks should be your final destination. It doesn’t matter where you live or what carrier you use. Our years spent in nurturing positive relationships with the world’s top carriers have kept us in good standing worldwide. If your request to unlock iPhone is legit, we guarantee the results.

What is an iCloud Activation Lock Removal? iCloud Unlock Demystified


On a related note, there’s also a type of iPhone unlocking that involves disassociating a device from the iCloud account of the previous owner. An iPhone can only be linked to one iCloud account, which means if the previous owner forgot to remove their account from the device, you won’t be able to use it.

In such cases, you can try our iCloud activation lock removal service. We’ll remove the association and give your iPhone a new lease on life, as it were. You can then associate your own iCloud account with the device and start using it normally.

Recently, there have been some reports that hackers use this method to process stolen devices for the purpose of reselling. You should know that these hackers use a variety of illegal methods to get this done. For example, a recent news report showed that some scammers were using readily-available “phishing kits” to get the original owner’s iCloud password. Others were trying to fool technicians at Apple stores and Genius Bars by producing fake purchase receipts and getting them to remove iCloud activation locks.

These reports have given a bad name to genuine vendors like us. We service the needs of iPhone owners who genuinely want an iCloud unlock because they can’t contact the previous owner to have them remove it. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the iCloud unlock request is above board, and that there is no inappropriate motive behind it.

We invite you carrier-unlock any iPhone model with us or do an iCloud unlock on your device, whatever your requirement might be. Our customer service team is waiting to help you with any questions you may have, so shoot us an email and we’ll take care of your query quickly and efficiently. thanks you for your business in advance.

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