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Unlock your iPhone X from Vodafone to use any sim card from any network, via IMEI using our online unlocking service. With a 100% success rate, we guarantee to unlock your phone from Vodafone in 30 minutes - easily, and legally.

Order Vodafone iPhone X Unlock via IMEI

To obtain your 15 digit IMEI number, dial *#06# on your phone or go to Settings >> General >> About
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Unlock iPhone X permanently from Vodafone today for a great price.

30 minute unlock delivery

Instant unlocking for all phones on the Vodafone network.

International unlocks

Your iPhone X will work on any network around the world as well as Vodafone.

Your phone is safe

You keep your device throughout the entire unlocking process. Your warranty is unaffected.

Why our customers keep coming back.

Grant made great savings by unlocking his and his sons phones, watch the full video.

We refund 50% of the unlock cost if you record a video and give us permission to use it on our website. Contact us once your phone is unlocked for details.

Legal, safe and guaranteed Vodafone iPhone X Unlocks in 3 simple steps using DirectUnlocks

Quickly and easily unlock your phone remotely without voiding your warranty:


Provide your device details

Choose the network of the phone you wish to unlock and supply the IMEI number. We'll autodetect the model for you.


We process your unlock

Once payment is received, we process your unlock remotely. We check your order and make sure you have selected the right network and fix it automatically if you made a mistake. You can track your order progress using the tracking page. Unlock codes and iPhone Unlocks are generated within 30 minutes.


Phone is ready

Your device is unlocked reliably, legally and permanently and confirmation of this is sent to you via Email and SMS. Apple devices are unlocked over-the-air, and other devices are unlocked via a code. If at anytime you need help or have questions our staff are available 24/7.

Our fast, legal and Apple-sanctioned iPhone unlocking service is compatible with all versions of iOS, up to and including the latest version of iOS 14. We can unlock all models - such as the iPhone 13 Pro/Max/Mini, 12 Pro/Max Mini, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, XS Max, XS, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS and 3G.

Having made payment, your IMEI will be marked as whitelisted in Apple’s IMEI database, giving you a permanent official unlock, with no risk of voiding your warranty and always allowing you to update to the latest version of iOS.

Your unlock is delivered remotely “Over-The-Air” using either WiFi or cellular connectivity, with no need to connect your iPhone to a computer or to restart your device. You can continue to use your iPhone as normal, with no interruption to service. Once you receive the SMS from us that your iPhone is unlocked, you are then free to place any sim in the device.

Direct Unlocks has a 100% success rate.

About the iPhone X on Vodafone

Why choose the iPhone X, well other than its an Apple device so you are getting the top quality built device with the latest forever expanding user-friendly operating software (iOS) new customers were also entering the most sophisticated device on the market, now with facial recognition, the iPhone X is a perfectly sized device with edge to edge screen technology. 


The long-anticipated device was released on 3rd November 2017 and instantly took the market by storm as do the majority of Apple products especially in the mobile market. It was the first device to lose the well-known home button which was on all previous models of the iPhone even back to the original iPhone 2G released back on 9th January 2007. 


Even though the device was released as X there was some confusion as to whether or not it meant it was X meaning model 10 or just simply known as X, well Apple later confirmed that it was 10 for the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone. 


Faster A11 Bionic processor

Glass body

Wireless charging

Facial Recognition


Edge-to-edge screen

5.8" OLED display

No Home button


The iPhone received a revised A11 chip that was previously in the iPhone 8 models however it was optimised and was up to 70% faster than the previous generation.


The iPhone X was very similar to the size of the previous model, it was larger than the iPhone 8 but smaller than the iPhone 8 plus. It was also the first device since the iPhone SE that utilised glass on both the front and rear, this will be due to the fact it was Apple's first device that you could charge via wireless charging. 


With the introduction of Facial recognition, which allowed owners to unlock their devices without the need to enter a passcode or by using finger scanner it meant that Apple could be creative and add a fun side to the new technology in the way of Animoji's, in short, it brought to life standard Emojis and allow you to use your face movements to create short customised animations. In addition to being able to unlock the device, facial recognition made it even easier to open apps that require passcodes such as banking apps / PayPal, as well as making payments with Apple pay, etc,  thus increasing the usability and functionality of the device. 


As with all iPhone releases the screen quality was improved and with the removal of the home button it meant that the screen would be an edge to edge horizontal and vertical which as well as utilising the full extent of the body of the phone it gave the phone an even sleeker look at finish. 


Many see the iPhone X the ultimate device and if the technology was available at the birth of the 2G iPhone it would set out to achieve all the technology levels and looks that a phone could wish for from the start. Apple will continue to expand on the iPhone X but for many years to come the shape style look and functions of the iPhone X will be here for some time as yet.

Five great reasons to unlock your Vodafone phone

The cold war ended in 1992, at the same time, IBM released the world’s first true smartphone. The ‘IBM Simon’ was far ahead of its time, featuring a touchscreen, PDA functionality, and 1MB of storage and memory. Nevertheless, the battery lasted just one hour, and the handset was bulky. Irrespective, upon public in 1994—despite costing over one thousand dollars—sold more than 50,000 unit in just six months. A phenomenal uptake considering the maturity of the market and lack of contract options.

It wasn’t until 2001 that smartphones were connected to a functioning 3G network. Connecting to the internet amplified device capabilities dramatically, making videoconferencing and sending email attachments possible. Then, in 2007, Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone, which began a revolution in smartphone ownership which would continue to grow over coming decades. Functionality and features continued to evolve and improve, including video capabilities and instant messaging. Concomitantly, mobile internet infrastructure and technology grew, facilitating quicker and better application capabilities. Alongside hardware improvements, developers began creating applications which improved regular people’s ability to interact with the world, including booking flights, transport and hotels.

Since the first iPhone’s release, there have been more than 21 subsequent launches. As well as improved functionality, smartphones—particularly led by Apple’s iPhone—have become a ‘fashion statement’. Consumers scramble to own the latest devices, refreshing their devices frequently—often within less than two years of ownership. Of course, pricing remains inhibitive, and few people can afford to buy their device outright. To get around this, large network providers began offering mobile device contracts. These contracts allowed users to spread the cost of their device over 24-month period, adding the cost to their monthly usage bill. These ‘contract’ devices are generally locked to whatever network the buyer purchases them from, meaning no other SIM can be used with the phone at any point. Whether you’re using a locked Vodafone device or have one you wish to sell, here’s some major benefits to unlocking it.

The best reasons to unlock your Vodafone device

Flexible network access – there have never been more available mobile networks. Since the mid-2000s, new ‘challenger’ networks began emerging. These new networks had no physical stores, minimal employees and did not offer contract devices. All this meant they had low-to-no overheads offering only SIM-only mobile usage data—some also sold refurbished devices, capitalising on a growing market of nearly-new phones. These SIM-only deals offered mobile data and minutes at cheap rates, often up to 50% less than major network providers. Locked phones cannot access this growing market, users are limited to major networks only. Unlocking your Vodafone smartphone provides access to these providers and increased flexibility.

Zero roaming fees – roaming fees can be a real pain, depending on your travel location they can be incredibly expensive. Paying for additional usage additional to your monthly contract is frustrating. Most countries have plenty of domestic suppliers, just like the U.K., but locked devices are incompatible with these domestic SIMs, meaning users have no choice but to pay whatever roaming fee applies. But, if you’re a Vodafone user, by unlocking your device you’ll be able to access these domestic SIM-only deals. Once unlocked, all you need to do is visit a local store, check the best deals for data, purchase a SIM and plug it into your existing device.

Cut your monthly bills – usage and contract prices with major network providers, including Vodafone, are generally much higher than smaller, ‘challenger’ networks. Regular contracts in the U.K. generally exceed £35 per month, excluding device costs. Considering the rising cost of living consumers will be interested in cutting their monthly bills. Vodafone users can do this simply by unlocking their device with DirectUnlocks. By unlocking your device, you’ll be able to access the same usage deals with SIM-only providers for as little as £15, saving over £200 per year!

Greater choice – if you own a Vodafone device, have one tucked away in a draw or plan to buy one soon, keeping it locked means you’ll have less choice in an increasingly versatile and broad market. While locked, you’ll only be able to use a Vodafone SIM, meaning you are behest to whatever prices they might decide to charge or changes they device to make. Unlocking your Vodafone phone gives you greater choice in a dynamic, changing market.

Increased resale value – considering all these benefits, it’s no surprise that those wanting to buy unlocked devices will pay more than they will for a locked device. Even recycling websites will offer as much as 10% more, meanwhile private buyers will pay as much as 30% more if the device is unlocked. Increasingly, the market nearly new and refurbished devices is growing due to increased refresh rates. So, if you’re considering selling your device at any point, knowing that buyers will offer more for an unlocked device its prudent to invest a small sum to yield greater returns on your current or previous devices.

How to unlock Vodafone phone

Now it’s obvious why you should unlock your Vodafone device, you’ll want to know how to go about unlocking it. Fortunately, you won’t need to visit any ‘dodgy’ backstreet stores or leave your device with a ‘friend of a friend’. DirectUnlocks can unlock your device online without the need to even leave your home. All you’ll need to unlock Vodafone phone is your IMEI number and an internet browser. Visit the DirectUnlocks website, select your country, network and enter your IMEI. You’ll be walked through the rest and kept updated by email until your device is permanently unlocked. Voila, you can then enjoy the benefits of being free of your locked device.

Why unlocking your iPhone X from Vodafone is a great idea:

  • Avoid expensive roaming charges - Vodafone's Data plans are notoriously expensive when travelling and adding roaming plans, especially in this data-hungry, Instagram era!
    Rather than adding a temporary package to your account, having an unlocked phone means that you can buy a prepaid SIM card or localized SIM card from a local shop at a better rate, allowing you to use your phone abroad just like at home.
  • Selling your iPhone X for more money - If you come to sell your iPhone X, an unlocked version will be worth a lot more money.
  • Switching Service Providers - Network providers often compete with one another, trying to one-up each other with new features, cheaper costs, and of course making contracts easier to get out of. For networks that still offer contracts, their phones are discounted and subsidised through the plan, which means they come locked.
    Using DirectUnlocks you can avoid expensive termination costs and unlock your iPhone X for a relatively low price.
  • With DirectUnlocks: Your iPhone X warranty remains valid
  • The official method approved by Apple and the network carriers themselves.
  • The quickest, cheapest and most secure way to unlock your iPhone X - with a money-back guarantee.
  • Unlock your iPhone X from the comfort of your own home.
  • You can use your iPhone X during the unlocking process without restrictions.
  • No instructions needed - once the phone is unlocked we'll tell you via SMS and email, then you can simply pop another sim card in.
  • Permanent and 100% legal.

Frequently Asked Questions

DirectUnlocks is one of the quickest providers of worldwide and cheap unlocks for the Vodafone network. We usually unlock a iPhone X on Vodafone instantly, sometimes this can be a little bit longer depending on a few factors. We offer a live tracking service to keep you up to date on progress.

Never. We unlock your iPhone X on Vodafone 'over the air' using 3G/4G or WiFi our method is completely remote. Your iPhone X is secure during the whole process and there will be no interruptions to your Vodafone service. Tracking is available throughout the unlock process.

Unlocking with IMEI is the official and safest method to unlock your iPhone X from Vodafone and is done remotely from the comfort of your own home. A software unlock is another solution, but will usually invalidate your warranty, you'll have to download some complicated software, and then you won't be able to update your apple.

Unlocking with us is super quick, just provide your 15 digit IMEI (Dial *#06# on your locked device) and network/carrier, our system will automatically process your device by remotely identifying it and requesting an official iPhone X unlock from Vodafone.

Absolutely, even if your iPhone X locked device is under contract with a network provider. There may be an additional price to pay if the phone is brand new and you've only owned it for a very short time.

Excellent 4.7 / 5

DirectUnlocks is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 2528 reviews

Very effortless on my part to get through the steps

Miss Margret L

Yes. I have used you before for an older iPhone5, and was really pleased. Thanks!

Great customer service, Bulk Order

Ms Kathleen O.

I've used a few different companies without success! Direct Unlocks have unlocked 4 of our iPhones, the site easy to use and support team are very helpful.

Excellent service

Mr John Stanford

I was very pleased with the service I received from this company. My S8 was unlocked within a couple of hours and the price was very reasonable.

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