How to remove a iCloud Activation Lock (iCloud Unlock)

How to remove a iCloud Activation Lock (iCloud Unlock) by DirectUnlocks

Activation Lock (iCloud Lock) is a feature introduced with 'Find my iPhone', launched back in 2014 with iOS 7. This feature was implemented as part of a much more comprehensive system generally referred to as Factory Reset Protection or FRP. Factory Reset Protection or a "Kill Switch" as popularised by the Media, is regulated in the US with the Smartphone Theft Prevention Act of 2015. This act requires device manufacturers to feature a way for its legitimate owners to activate a "kill switch" should they need to wipe or lock the device remotely. This purpose of the kill switch was to discourage theft by dramatically reducing its value if stolen.

With all this in mind, most owners forget to remove or disable the Activation Lock or 'Find my iPhone' when selling their device, and this causes issues with the new owner when it comes to them enjoying their new Apple Device.

One of our most used services is the "iCloud Activation Removal Service or iCloud Unlock" this service has enabled over 500+ people a day to remove a previously locked device quickly and without too much cost.

To get started and remove an iCloud Activation Lock:

  1. Head over to our detail page.
  2. Enter the device details by selecting the model and providing the device IMEI (You can get this by dialling *#06# on your iPhone's Keypad).
  3. Review your order and make your payment.
  4. We process your order this can vary from device to device but generally within 24 hours.
  5. The devices iCloud Activation Lock is removed.

During this whole process, we provide, live tracking, 24-hour support and detailed process documentation, so you are never in the dark.

Further reasons why you might require an iCloud Activation Lock Removal could be down to:

  • Accidently entering and failing too many login attempts leading to an Apple ID restriction.
  • Erasing the iPhone before signing out of iCloud or disabling 'Find my Phone' first.